2012 Predictions: really?

The new year is always exciting with designers and experts busy projecting the trends and the in-styles of the year. I stumbled upon this 2012 projections and trends and I cannot wait to prove (or bust) these experts’ opinions.


  1. Gesture-recognition technology
    Hello, Kinect! Hello, movement-triggered shutter digicam! Gesture-recognition technology makes Apple’s Siri seems outdated. Ilya Bukshteyn proved right with the ever-expanding gesture-recognition application in today’s gadgets. Eat that, Siri. Kidding.
  2. Cloud-based documents and information resources
    You are not yet today’s efficient professional if you haven’t employed technology such as Google Drive, Cloud Computing, Dropbox, etc. Sharing and saving made easy through this innovation.
  3. Proximity-based social networks
    This century can be written in history as the gleaming era for stalker. With social networks popped out here and there (some even have the tagline “Chat with strangers!” – creepy, much?), maybe the definition of strangers has changed since it is so much easier to talk, meet, and even marry a stranger.
  4. Social media for hiring
    Upon reading the line, most people would think of LinkedIn, the professional social network where people can put their resume to be directly reviewed by headhunters or employers. But, it is not only through LinkedIn are employers hiring for employees. Facebook might be filled with narcissistic photos and daily updates, but sometimes people might find job vacancies and now-hiring status updates to be shared by friends. Twitter, the 140-characters status updates, has also been employed to hire employees. An example to this is @IDStudentJob where the account shares vacancies. A friend of mine did a job interview through social media. Crazy!
  5. Chinese companies become a force in global markets
    China has been the talk of the 20th Century, said to be the new superpower. I’ve read this on headlines countless of times, and it steals the spotlight so many times for a reason. From 2002 to 2011, China’s outward direct investment flow expanded by 27.6 times; in the first seven months of this year alone, the volume of outward direct investment reached $42.2 billion.


  1. Navigate the Web using voice command
    Voice command is cool – I have to admit it. When I got my new gadget who has advanced voice command, I spent 30 minutes to try it out. But in my own opinion, it is not so much a trend in 2012. Voice command is perhaps in R&D phase, but the projection has several holes. It stated that in 2012 Apple will release a voice-commanded television – didn’t happen. Although voice command is now popular in smartphones and other gadgets, it hasn’t been able to replace the conventional way to navigate the web.

To sum up, I personally think that the projections are mostly true, since I can only find one Busted (well, although it is in certain way true) projection.

Don’t you love busting projections?

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