Limiting Creativity

A screenshot of Tinsiders

A screenshot of Tinsiders

When I first opened this blog, all I could think of was: “Oh, it’s just the usual, hipstery, creative pictures you often find in Tumblr.” I was already skeptical and thought to myself that most probably, I’ve seen 75% of the pictures posted here in Tumblr.

Turns out I was wrong.

It is true that I’ve seen countless creative packaging and product designs in various sources, namely Tumblr, 9gag, library books, and concept magazines. And, as usual, I am always amazed by these creative stuffs. But as you browse through a horde of images, you get overwhelmed by creativity until you feel you’ve had enough and stop browsing because either 1) you feel bad for not being creative 2) you feel so creative that you have this urge to stop browsing and start doing something, um, well, creative 3) you do not want to make your creative brain limited by seeing these products too much they become a benchmark – I often find the most creative things while not having a specific reference and just scribble something out of thin air.

Thus, when I open this blog, I don’t feel excited at first. The content must be revolving around something geeky and tech-savvy with modern, silvery touch here and there.

But then when I scan quickly through the square flipcharts, I realize, you can’t limit creativity.

It is true that I prefer not too get overwhelmed by creative packaging so that I will not have my brain limited, but I’ve been too arrogant. I forget the fact that there are thousands of people, designers out there, that in their own way invent creative products – and the products are always expanding. Seeing tinsiders, I realized that my perceived “creative benchmark” has expired and constantly expands into something bigger. Once in a while, browsing through new images would excite you and freshen up our dull brain.

Here are the products in Tinsiders I find amusing (and new to me):



Smile Alarm Clock

I am the kind of person whose day is heavily affected by my morning mood – and this clock might just be the answer for my off-days.

The product might be still in its R&D phase, but I love the idea! An alarm clock that can only be turned off by smiling is amusing! This clock would force the user to smile each morning, and psychologically, it’s good for our selves.

Using the not-so-new face recognition, I guess this clock brings a new addition to the rapidly expanding technology of facial recognition usage.




Always First?

Always First?

Always First?

Oh, how I love satirical ad.

The logistics world is full of pleasing Ad (referring to UPS’s catchy tune). This FedEx ad by two Miami Ad School students is an addition to Cahya’s-list-of-brilliant-satirical-ad. Speeding down the road with this ad would create a perception that FedEx is always first off other logistics, namely DHL  (it is not printed clearly yet anyone can easily guess what the yellow half of the bus represents).



Colgate Ad

Who does not love a good ice cream?

While kids are happily eating ice cream, parents might worry about the kid’s dental health. Colgate makes a brilliant connection between the two rivals by advertising in the ice cream. So kids who dear their ice cream so, after finishing the good chocolate icing and vanilla ice cream realizes the need to brush their teeth – with Colgate! And not only in ice cream, the picture collages in the lower left side shows that it also places ad in lollipops.


All in all I might stubbornly say that these pictures aren’t new, but I definitely agree that these pictures are indeed creative and exciting!



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