Eclectic Curiosity

Creative Generalist | Eclectic Curiosity

Don’t you love its tagline?!

My first reaction upon opening this website is oh dear Lord I fell in love with the tagline and the fontface. The other 1 minute I spent on admiring the wordings they used in the website. Wander & Wonder. Mix & Match. Synthesize & Summarize. Link & Leap. Experience & Empathize. I fell in love.

For a girl who has a tendency to overuse the figure of speech alliteration and repetition, I fell in love. For a girl who often abuse thesaurus to look for hipstery synonym, eclectic curiosity just clicks. For a girl who claims herself as a curious person, eclectic curiosity is just perfect.

I personally love the site. Not only it has brilliant ideas and examples of creative products, it is not boring. Several “creative/inspiring sites” usually only put a plethora of images with a paragraph explaining the product and comment button and like button. Creative Generalist is a curator. Curating creative ideas, idea for creativity, pleasing people with, well, eclectic curiosity.

It has bookshelf page, showing recommended books. It has curation page, with links to other interesting pages (whom I already know some of). It has the miscellany page, with mixture of bizarre and fun video, interesting pictures, creative products, slides of interestingness, etc etc. It has vacation page, with links to external conferences or events that can increase ideavity/creativity.

It is complete.

Ideation, unlike creativity, is not a specialized activity. Ideativity and creativity are not the same thing. Ideas require a divergent, generalist approach (“a wide net”) while creative endeavours require the opposite: a convergent, specialist approach (“a deep drill”).

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