How Mismatched Title and URL Address affects Reader’s Perception.

In my Creativity & Innovation class, I am asked to write a review on lots of blogs. One of the blog is at As I copy the URL address to my web browser, I was guessing that the blog will be a blog listing top-notch design blogs (since it was a Creativity & Innovation class). If not, I was expecting blogs that are most viewed in the history of the internet. So, what did I find?



Online Marketing Blog?? I was a bit confused at first, since I didn’t remember opening any marketing-related blog amidst all those tabs I opened. Additionally, “Online Marketing Blog” doesn’t sound convincing enough for me, andif you dare so to put a “marketing blog” in your page title, you should’ve been cleverer in making your URL address memorable and relevant.

In addition to the irrelevant page title and URL address, I was confused what this site is actually offering. In the tabs, you can see “Optimize”, “SEO”, and “Social Media”. Only after linking those three sites do I realize that this is a blog for online-marketing, not an online marketing-blog. Ha!

After having that aha moment, I scrolled down through articles being posted in the blog. It explains (you guessed it) articles and tips on how to optimize and succeed in online marketing. The articles were written by different people.

Content-wise, the site is okay, since it is all tips that can be directly applicable by marketers. Design-wise, meh. I might be more interested in the articles should the images be more alluring and relevant. Relevancy-wise (does such word exist?), MEH. The site became unclear – the title and the url address and the images seem to be out of place and irrelevant one to another. People needed to carefully look at the content first before being able to correctly figure that it is an online-marketing blog.

Advice for site owner: change your address!


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