Brightspot Market Feb 2013: Review

Today’s hip youth event varies – from music concerts to club parties to one as quirky as gardening. Curated market is definitely one entry who tops the list of youth events.

“Curated market” – the phrase used for a bazaar of local youth fashion line, foods, and sometimes other goods – has been in the trend for some time now. Example to that are Brighspot Market, Trademark, Pop Up Market, and Lookats Market. These events are often hip, attended by thousands, and (of course) talked about in the social media sites – tweeted, instagramed, path-ed, et cetera.

The last curated market I visited was Brighspot Market. It was held on February 14-17 2013 in Grand Indonesia. Like other “market”s, it started with an opening night exclusive for invited guests, followed by public visit and ended with an after party.

Brightspot Market

Brightspot Market

I am not really a frequent visitor of curated market, just occasional visitor when my friends who have the same taste with me recommend it or there is an obligation for me to do so (in this case, a task). Thus, I went to Brightspot Market in Grand Indonesia after a day out with my family. I came on February 16, at Saturday. The traffic was hell.

I just realized that it’s a Saturday night when I have already near the mall. I didn’t expect the traffic to be that bad, I even had to walk from Kebon Kacang to Grand Indonesia! It was so crowded that cars are stuck, not moving at all. Upon arriving at the venue of the market, I was stunned. I was stunned not because of the overflowing creativity, nor unique products, nor good decoration. I was stunned because it was very crowded.




2013-02-16 19.12.00


The crowd was not the type of crowd who attracts you to find out what the fuss is all about, nor the type of crowd that is pleasing, but more like a crowd that drives people away. The alleyways between one booth and others are a bit wee, thus adding more overcrowding effect to the already crowded crowd. I heard from my friends that Brightspot is one of the pioneers of “curated market”, and tenants who are able to enter Brightspot are those who are truly creative and different from others. Thus, upon entering, my expectations were high.

Sadly enough, the expectations were not met. I cannot even clearly see a product due to the crowd of people. When I finally got closer look to the products being offered, for me personally, the products being sold in Brightspot are more or less similar to those sold at other curated markets. What’s more disappointing is that one tenant and another are not that different. Although the product range varies (there were lomo cams, handmade bags, until common sheer blouse for women), I didn’t  see any significant difference. Should I be coming to Brightspot to shop, I don’t even look at the brand, because all of the products being offered are similar.

In relation to Creativity & Innovation, I think that Brightspot Market is a creative event seeing that it is one of the earliest “curated market”s. It sees the large opportunity offered by teenagers-young adults who love to socialize and at the same time be unique (shown by their unique fashion identity), thus creating a market combining hip stores in one place. However, as this becomes repetitive (each “curated market” brings more or less the same idea), the execution does not seem that creative anymore. It seems like the management is just running a periodical event and not creating something innovative or creative.

The booths and the crowds

The booths and the crowds

Moreover, I find the things being offered in Brightspot not that unique. Yes, I wouldn’t argue that they are not cute or cool, but I could find it in other curated markets. It is just like a competition with little differentiation. My last visit to a curated market before Brightspot was Pop Up Market, and the things offered are same. The marketing or promotional method, layouts, and others are the same. I don’t find the idea unique or innovative anymore.

Brightspot might does not work on me because I am not the type of people or market they are targeting. Generally, these kind of markets are perceived unique and offered products that are not easily found anywhere else, but my value and motivation to buy such products are not as high.

Concluding, I found Brightspot Market too crowded and was not so enjoyable in finding goods, and the idea of the event is being repeated and copied by other competitors that it is not anymore exciting for me. However, arguments may exist since I am not the market they are targeting.

Was more interested in the culinary section

Was more interested in the culinary section