Creative Something….not

This week, my creative brain is met by yet another website. I was expecting something new from the previous websites – well after all, they are meant to be creative, don’t they?

First website was a site with creative products – mostly packaging and ad, second was 2012 trend predictions, and third was – my favorite! – a wonderful website called Eclectic Curiosity filled with texts, images, curations, videos, and presented in a very nice way with alliteration here and there. This third website, Creative Something, is yet another website to stimulate and enhance creativity.

Creative Something Homepage

Creative Something Homepage

At a first glance, I was quite disappointed. The interface is not visually appealing and the colors used are also well, quite boring. I tried not to judge a site by its homepage and keep reading a few articles. My rule of good narrative is that I keep reading them after fifth paragraph. I didn’t. The narrative was not presented in such a way that I want to keep reading or get my curious senses tingling.

As a typographic critic, I was also disappointed at the choice of fonts. It was a usual wordpress-ish font. I demand something different if you put up some “creative” label in your blog. (Talking about demanding girl…)

The background image! As you scroll down, the chalkboard-ish header disappears, leaving you with a boring gray. It was not so good for the eyes, remembering that you are mixing it with a dash of white.

I also find the site navigation not quite user-friendly. I clicked the Random tab (and stumbled upon the same presentation of narrative) once. I want to get back to the homepage, and I couldn’t find my way back. I don’t know whether it is my limited ambition to find positivity in this site or they truly didn’t make a home button, but I was, again, disappointed.

If I have to give advice on how this site could be bettered, I truly think it lies on the visual appeal in the narratives presentation. I stumbled upon the “Four ways to encourage a creative workplace” article, I read it, and it’s actually helpful! But for an article like that, don’t people demand pictures? Or perhaps a friendlier, more colloquial way of preaching the people?