Cahya Entering the Fashion Zone.

I am never, never a fashionable girl. Well, I wear what looks good and comfortable on me but I rarely buy things that are “happening” or being the talk-of-the-town. When I watch fashion shows on TV, most of the times I comment things like these: Why are they so skinny? Why do they look so pale? Why are they wearing those weird clothes? Does that kind of clothes actually wearable in normal days? Who on earth would buy that alien clothing?

So, don’t go asking Cahya what’s the trend now in the fashion world.

Occasionally, when I read fashion/girl magazines, I noticed that the “fashion trend” is always the same. The latest fashion trend I read was the peplum style (I don’t know how long I’ve missed trends, seriously. Pardon me for that). In that period, every magazine seems to have the mix & match article featuring peplum tops. I thought to myself, how can these magazines now what’s going to be trending? Is the “fashion trend” a lie made by secret designers cult in order to make their new collection successful in the market?

When I opened this site, I know the answer. Yes, it is partially fabricated and at the same time responding to the market demand. is a site and trend consultancy agency based in London that gives out analysis and projection of fashion and lifestyle trend. It works based on the trend seen on fashion shows and who’s-wearing-what and amplifies that trend to other influencers or early adopters. It then sells out these analysis to companies or clients in order to give clear understanding on where the fashion trend is going to shift in the future.

As a fashion-trendiness-less girl, I was thinking that this might be the answer to my illiteracy to fashion. Reports like these might inform me on the next big thing in the fashion world. The idea is very useful, especially when you’re a fashion store owner or a celebrity.

Seeing that in order to access the reports one must be a member, all I can do is to understand how it works and what it is used for. After the site knows which style is going to be in trend in the coming period, the staffs who have a vast connection to influencers in fashion and early adopters tell them to amplify the trend. Additionally, it has a mobile app that can be used by members to see updates on fashion trends. also has connection with global network, thus the updates would not be local, but global. The client for is not only small-medium companies, but also giants like L’Oreal and Hugo Boss. Wow!

TSNow seeing that I won’t understand much, I’ll have to say other things: I love the site design! It looks so edgy and convincing, with splashes of bright colors here and there!

I am now allured to sign up as a member and see whether reading the reports would make me a more fashion-savvy girl. Should I?