Looking Ahead: Trends to Opportunities

Business are demand-driven. They should be able to capture what the customer really wants and offer it in an exciting package. However, we see that the market is very volatile that one must adapt to the changing environment. To do this, business players need to have insights on what’s hot and what’s being demanded by the market. And JWT Intelligence offers it in trend reports as shown in this page.

JWT Intelligence provides people in general about trends in many industries – travel, mobile, movies, for example. What’s more is that the trend reports come for free! All you need to do is sign up (which is quick and can be easily done under 1 minute) and voila! You can get your reports downloadable in a click.

The tagline of JWT Intelligence is “Converting Cultural Shifts into Opportunity”, which is true in all senses. By looking at market trends, business players could capture signals to prepare them to adjust to the market. Say that you’re a travel agency and you can get a forecast and insight on the travel industry freely, wouldn’t you be happy? You can adjust your product offerings and suit it to the market demand. Since in businesses “Customers Are King”, listening to market demand is a #1 priority!

I was quite surprised that JWT Intelligence offered the report for free. I was curious to know whether this is a marketing strategy to cut off several key information so that people would get a glimpse and would be more willing to spend money. It was a very pleasant surprise when knowing that it is not a lie!

I tried downloading one of the trend report, which is the Travel: Changing Course trend report. As a self-proclaimed travel enthusiast, I was also excited to read the trend report. Satisfied was I when I see the content of the report. It was not boring, it was well-presented, it was visually appealing, and it was really informative.

They present statistics, observations, and analysis of companies in a very informative manner that an amateur like me could even enjoy reading the report trend! It was also a useful insight for those who have a business in the travel industry, since they’ll know what to expect and what to prepare for the upcoming shift.

For JWT Intelligence, I send you my love and gratitude for making this trend reports publicly available.

Thank you.


2011 Ideas: were they attainable?

2011 seems..so distant. It was 2 years ago. It might not be that old, actually, but in this ever-changing business and technology environment, 2 years are indeed distant. In fact, ideas that were cool a day ago can be dull the next day! This blog lists down 45 Business Ideas They Loved in 2011.

Since ideas are not all attainable, here is my personal opinion and view regarding the ideas that could/should/has already been applied in real life – and those who should/could not been applied:


  1. Personal Social Media Consultant
    Social Media is everything right now. Digital Marketing seems like a sexy business nowadays, with people and business players getting all crazy with the social media frenzy. Social Media is a fine way to market/promote your product, since it can engage a two-side discussion, cheap, can create a viral marketing, guerrilla marketing, and can drive people’s opinion through word-of-mouth. Ever since the rise of the social media, companies are starting to do branding through this social media.
    People, just like products, must also brand themselves; Arya Wiguna-Demi Tuhan, Raditya Dika and his silly, laughable trait, Nadine Chandrawinata and Nadya Hutagalung and eco-friendliness. A personal social media consultant can help people in branding themselves, be it for a job-seeking candidates, celebrity-wannabes, or people who just want many attention. Digital marketing consultants for companies now exist, so, why shouldn’t a personal social media consultant?
  2. Tablet App Development
    This falls not under the shoulds, but more like the duh-s. Nowadays, who doesn’t keep updated with the latest tablet/smartphones? Apps for tablets and smartphones are now no longer alien and hi-tech for people. With the rapid development and competition for the industry, app development (in a wider context, not only tablets) is a must.
  3. Energy Efficiency Consultant
    I am really enthusiastic in being energy-efficient. I want my house to be eco-friendly/green, wanting solar panel, biopore, rainwater filtration, green roof, etc, etc. However, my background in Management does not come with effective energy efficient planning. Every time I read articles about green technology, I am startled by all the facts and valuation I read – they all seem new every time. Thus, should there be an Energy Efficiency Consultant, I would want to hire them.
  4. E-Commerce Warehouse/Shipping
    E-Commerce is also growing very rapidly, with more and more sites and stores opening up e-commerce. From a friend of mine who is starting up a similar business, the strongest advice he always said was “always, always plan detailed operations and supply chain management.” Warehousing and shipping could be a very tricky part in the industry, remembering that thousands of products are being sent to thousands of customers in hundreds of cities!


  1. Memory Organizer
    Really? The detailed description in the site is that this idea organizes “memories” stored in cameras, video recorders, phones, laptops, etc. I oppose this idea because, well, it could be handy, but it would be not so significant. Best attempt on creating integrated cross-device organizer are with synchronized account.
  2. Affordable Computer Maintenance
    I do not know how computer maintenance is like in more developed countries, but I see that affordable computer maintenance is abundant in Indonesia. Be it hardware or software, people can fix it in a relatively easy way. I oppose this idea because, well, it is already available.

There are 40 others ideas which I find a bit boring since the idea is not that unique nor innovative. Kudos to the writers, though!